Working with a social purpose 

Hamid Foroughi

Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies

 I have several years of experience as a consultant and researcher in change and social impact for both private and voluntary sectors. My research examines practices that encourage building organizations that are resilient, inclusive and socially responsible. I work with industry leaders, particularly social enterprises, to harness the power of storytelling and memorialisation practices to make a positive social impact.  My current research covers themes, such as  i)Decolonising knowledge and building inclusive organizations in INGOs, ii) Leadership in social enterprises, and iii) The role of memorialisation in claim-making processes.



Research Highlights

Read about some of my recent research projects. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss opportunities to take part in any of these projects or express your interest in collaboration.  See my recent publications here.

Managing change and complexity in social enterprises


Social enterprises are met with increasing institutional pressures to meet both their social purpose and their financial targets. This poses a challenge for social enterprises as they develop their strategies for scaling up.

Leadership in Social Enterprises


The project looks at forms of leadership in social enterprises. My interest in particular is around leadership rhetoric and storytelling techniques. I examine how followers' fantasies and desires shape their perception of leadership.

 Collective Memory and  Social Change

The project examines how civil society organisations representing marginal groups and fringe stakeholders can develop mnemonic assets  to support claim-making processes and induce responsible behaviour. 

Decolonising Knowledge and Inclusivity in INGOs

I work with several leading INGOs to examine how they can build an inclusive organization by tackling power structures that might impede knowledge flows from Global South members cementing and informing INGOs' global operation.

Teaching and workshops

I am an experienced  educator, working with students in different levels (UG, MSc, MBA and PhD) and across several different UK universities (Reading, Cardiff, and Portsmouth). I also have taught internationally, for instance in South America (University of Sao-Paulo) and Middle-East (Sharif University of Technology).

 Awards:  "Student Experience Excellence Award” ( University of Portsmouth, 2019)





Business & Management

see below a selected list of modules that I have delivered:

Social Enterprise

Organizational Analysis and Change (UG)

Cross Cultural Awareness & International Business (UG)

Managing People and Organizations (UG)

Communication Theory and Practice (PG)

Global Leadership (MBA)

Research Methods (PG)

Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (PhD) 





Executive workshops and webinars

 I provide tailored workshops for start up Social Entrepreneurs on following topics: "Organizational learning”, “Leadership in third sector organisations” and “Developing your story”. 

Please do get in touch to discuss. 




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